After a positive in the Clearinghouse, how do i get the return to duty and follow up testing complete?

You must first complete the process with the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). If you are an owner-operator (1 person, 1 truck); National Drug Screening can help you with this process; call 866-843-4545. If you are not employed or going to work for a company, review below:

  • Only companies can set up and manage DOT testing.  Other then an owner operator, the employer should be ordering all DOT testing.
  • You will need to apply with companies and then the company can set up the return to duty and follow-up testing program.
  • Individuals cannot order their own DOT tests unless owner operator and then call 866-843-4545
  • Individuals cannot return to duty if they do not have a job as there would be no duty to return to.
  • As to a negative test to report to the clearinghouse, this is ordered by an employer and the negative result is reported by the employer (TPA for Owner Operator) to the clearinghouse. The only other negative test reported to the clearinghouse will be the final Follow-up test which is also reported by the employer.


Call 866-843-4545 for further assistance.

Need help with the FMCSA Clearinghouse, Go To: