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November 2-4, 2012
"Cold Weather Outdoor Training"

Camp Manatoc, Penninsula, Ohio

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November 2-4, 2012 Course

The course will be held at Camp Manatoc at the Lewis Family Conference Center, Dining Hall and various venues around the camp.  You will be tent camping in a assigned patrol campsite in a tent that you bring.

1.  I AM NOT REGISTERED  -- Do this first

All Adult Scouters:  (use either & send it in)

Venturing youth only:  (use registration form and consent forme if under 18)


<--- Click on the side links to explore what you will need for the course and how to Be Prepared.

What to Bring tells you what to bring with you to the course. 

Take the Self-Skills Evaluation. It is a way to let you tell us your level of skill so we can better tailor the course to you.

Course Agenda is when we start and when we end and everything in between.

Meet the Staff  - find out what scouters (and yes, what youth) are going to be teaching you.

Resources - Each staff member is asked to post his or her links here, so you can use them long after the course.

The FAQ is a place for miscellaneous questions to be answered.

Contact -- how to get in touch with us.

You may contact the course director by going to the contact link.

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